All program benefit calculations are based on your own individual factors (i.e. ages of federal loans, adjusted gross income, family size, etc.), however, the following are some common questions and answers related to program enrollment:

Do private loans qualify for the program?

Unfortunately, all program related options pertain solely to federal student loans.  Having a private loan does not disqualify you from program options as long as you have a federal student loan balance for review but your private student loans will not be included in your calculations and you will still be responsible for those personal debts.

What type of income is a factor?

Some program options are based on your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) which is calculated on your federal tax return each year.  If you have not filed a federal tax return in the last two years or you do not currently have taxable income, we will review your current status for processing.

Do I have to be done with school to enroll is this program?

Active students taking at least 6 credit hours or more a semester are not permitted to restructure their loans until they withdraw from classes or graduate from school.  Federal loan restructuring does not prevent future higher education enrollment so students will be able to request future funding and enroll in classes after program processing completion.