Do you qualify for a discharge or forgiveness option?

Several discharge and forgiveness options have come available for federal borrowers since 2007.  Occupation, income, and family size are all factors that could help you save money on your student loans.

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Looking for a lower monthly payment?

Many Americans find themselves suffering with student loan payments whether you are straight out of college or going through hard times.  Depending on your situation, you may have lower payment options available.

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Trying to go back to school but you have a defaulted loan balance?

If you have been fallen behind on your student loan payments, your defaulted loans may prevent you from obtaining additional funding.  Don't worry...there are still options to get you back in class!

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Since 1993

Federal Restructuring May Be Your Answer

Whether your student loans are just now coming due or if you have been struggling with your monthly payments for some time now, Student Loan Discharge Options will help you identify any potential discharge or forgiveness options available & work to regulate your program payments for your best benefit.  Choosing to restructure your loans for federal benefits will allow you to gain peace of mind that you are moving toward regaining your financial freedom!

Program Restriction Notice - Active students taking at least 6 credit hours or more a semester are not permitted to restructure their loans until they withdraw from classes or graduate from school.  If you have federal loan payments due and you are not currently taking classes, you may request a federal loan benefit consultation by submitting the request form to the right for a call back.