Student Loan Discharge Options was founded to identify potential legislative benefits for federal loan borrowers and to restructure qualified loans through the Department of Education so borrowers may receive those benefits.

Some program options available under current legislation include:

  • Lower Payment Options
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Title One Teacher Specific Forgiveness
  • Disability Discharge Review
  • Repayment Limit Discharges
  • Income-Sensitive Payment Reductions
  • Financial Hardship Postponement

During the restructuring process, we will contact your current servicing companies, on your behalf, to alleviate unnecessary loan payments, if applicable, estimate the repayment requirements under your potential benefit option, produce/finalize essential paperwork for plan registration and payment alterations, as well as research and direct borrowers to comply with all federal regulations for your respective debt resolution program.


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If you have federal loan payments due and you are not currently taking classes, you may request a federal loan benefit consultation by selecting the button to the right and submitting the request form for a call back.

Program Restriction Notice - Active students taking at least 6 credit hours or more a semester are not permitted to restructure their loans until they withdraw from classes or graduate from school.